Sunday, 15 December 2013

Earn simply by sharing!

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Saturday, 2 July 2011


When I was a kid I loved playing with dolls. I used to have baby dolls, rag dolls, barbies, and a walking doll. Somehow, as the years went by, I have outgrown my love for dolls. When I started to have a kid of my own, I bought her, her very 1st batt-op laughing baby doll (sold by a certain tiangge at the mall). She had other dolls that have come & go. But the baby doll, she managed to keep up to this time.. She was barely a year old when she had it. And when I got to meet doll collectors who were also doll online sellers, that was the time I started looking for baby dolls that were a bit similar to the ones I had when I was younger. So these are what I got for my daughter & me! Yes, I accept the fact that I went through regression. But mind you, playing with these cuties is a great way to de-stress oneself.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Stranded.. Food Trip.. Etc..

Yesterday my daughter and I were stranded in Jolibee due to a heavy downpour. We had the usual chat over some fries and sundae. And because were were getting bored, we took pictures even when we were inside the restroom. LOL.

Yup! That's us inside the restroom!!

More pictures below:

more pictures in her favorite place.. not not the restroom... the fast food!

Tuesday, 7 June 2011


SKYPE!!! Why oh Why?

I used to have minimal, tolerable, technical problems using Skype. But lately, Skype has crashed twice. I wasn't affected when it crashed last month. Thank God for the old 3.8 version, I was online the whole time while most of my co-teachers had to cancel classes and re-schedule so many classes for a make-up class. And just tonight another Skype technical failure occurred. Weird how I went on having a 35-minute voice class while I was actually offline and my status icon was connecting. I was not able to send any messages that time, but classes went on. Then I went offline totally for half an hour. It was disturbing how I went in and out of Skype for an hour! However, after an hour, everything went okay with my own account. But I couldn't see my co-teachers online. They too went in and out of Skype from time to time. The bummest part was when you have come to class very prepared and not a single student showed up online, all because of Skype technical problems, AGAIN!!!

I noticed that since Microsoft acquired Skype last month, the technical problems became worse. There were countless dropped calls even when your internet speed was very good. You are shown offline when you didn't reset your status to turn automatically idle or offline for a period of time. While call is already in progress, you can still hear the other line ringing while the person on the other line is already talking. Or when you try to call you actually think the other party is not taking your call because it just keeps ringing but to your horror, it was not even ringing on the other end and sometimes you even appear offline!! Sooooo many technical problems in Skype drive me insane these days!

And because online teaching is my bread & butter, I got totally disappointed with how things are going on now. I hope these problems are resolved in the soonest possible time. Otherwise, there'd be more and more people going crazy over Skype.
Or is this a sign that we should switch to Google Talk instead?

...was busy.. still is busy..

Wow! I can't believe I have actually rested myself from blogging for A MONTH!!! How I miss my page! A lot has changed since I had to tend to my online store. @_@ I just got too busy with online classes, online selling and of course "facebooking" LOL. I have soooo much to write yet soooo little time.

What has bugged me lately? Watch out for my next blog. ;-)

Friday, 6 May 2011

Another weekend

This is what happens after eating a plateful of sumptuous food. I was smiling in this picture but I could hardly stand up, my stomach felt like bursting. LOL. Too bad, I never thought about taking pictures of all the food on the buffet table. I guess I was too busy eating and talking to my friend at the same time. We both got so pre-occupied with updating each other about our lives. Girls "talkathon" + delicious food = great time.

After a long time of eating and talking, my friend and I headed to my favorite internet cafe - NEVERLAND (taken from the name of Peter Pan's home). This is where I usually run to whenever my DSL connection gets busted in the middle of my online classes. This is also where I have my documents scanned and printed. The attendants here are very warm, friendly and efficient. I love it here except for peak working days/hours (Friday nights). When this picture was taken, I was signing my contract which was printed by one of their attendants. She was a little busy but it didn't take her much time to finish her printing job for me. Talk about being efficient, huh. =)

That's me again, this time with my friend: Emm. She's also a blogger & an online tutor like me. We have so many other things in common apart from blogging & online teaching like; eating out, malling/shopping, listening to music, watching movies and other fun stuff. Even if we don't get to see each other as often as we used to. The friendship will never cease. Thank God for technology, we can also have each other as virtual friends, as how she calls it. There isn't a dull moment with her. She may be a chatterbox, but she's also much capable of lending an ear whenever I needed someone to talk to. Well, I look forward to another bonding time with this gurl.